Monday, December 31, 2007

So This Is The New Year

Welcome, 2008. Ushered in with fireworks, champagne, and jubilation, you seem to come with promises to erase the old and offer a new beginning. You take the place of last year with complete supremacy. Why such theatrics? Why this counting down to your arrival? What is all the fuss about; the excessive celebration, the sleep deprivation, the obligatory resolutions? Stripped of all your lights and sounds, are you not just a passing moment? Today you oppress your predecessor with obsolescence, but are you not inevitably destined for the same? You are just another unit of time, so why do you seem to offer such hope? Isn't it true that you are only a mere collection of seconds, minutes, hours, and days, that your entire significance is dependent on what events occur as you pass by? Oh, how your frailty would shame you if only you were seen as what you really are. You are a creation of Someone greater, and though you bind humankind to your limits, you yourself are bound to obey another. 2008, you seem full of possibility and unknown potential, but you are already known through and through by the One who instated you and what happens in the course of your life is no mystery to Him, and His glory will long outlive you. That Creator is the one who truly makes the moments pass by, and he alone can offer to erase the old and give new life. Let us celebrate that fact, full of gratitude for His giving each second that passes, whether blessing or affliction was contained in it. Let us live each present moment to its fullest, in obedience and utter submission to the One who made it. And let us look eagerly forward to what is to come, especially to the flourishing Kingdom of the Lord of all time, space, and existence.