Monday, April 28, 2008

Everything a Vacation Should Be

As promised, here are photos from last month's ski trip...during which no actual skiing was done by us. We did spend a lovely afternoon at Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein the only clear day during our time in Bavaria. Most of the photos here are from that day; the castles provided a superior view of the Alps and farmland around us. The rest of that weekend was spent napping as snow fell on the mountains looming outside our window, eating the best steak we've had in Europe (as well as some tasty pasta, soup, wine, and of course, creme brulee) three nights in a row at the restaurant in the hotel, playing cards, enjoying a couple pastries and lattes before perusing the shops and sidewalks of Garmisch, and working together to build the biggest snowman of our lives. It was everything a vacation should be: a change of scenery (a beautiful one at that), a little sight-seeing, a taste of the local culture, plenty of rest, good food, and lots of fun time together.