Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Were Here

It's been a while, hasn't it? Over a month? Oh my. Our sincerest apologies. It isn't that nothing has been happening here, and it's not that too much is happening to find time to blog. It's just that we've been enjoying life day-to-day. But yesterday something happened that doesn't happen every day. We discovered a fine new musician: Joshua Radin. That is, he is new to us, though he seems quite accomplished. He has appeared on Ellen Degeneres' talk show, his music has been played on American Idol and Scrubs, and Rolling Stone gave his album "We Were Here" four stars. Don't be distracted by all the hype, however. Melancholy but hopeful, flawless but humble, perfect for a rainy day, a summer evening, a carefree afternoon, or a lonely night, his music will make you feel completely comfortable and content, and at the same time it might make you cry.

"Winter" was the first song we heard of his. Out of all of them, if any song really does bring tears to your eyes, it will be this one. It was brought to us through Scrubs. Of course Zach Braff would be responsible for this. Yes, sometimes hype can be worthwhile, even touching.

This is my other favorite. "Everything'll Be All Right (Will's Lullaby)" is just that--a lullaby. Look up the lyrics. According to his Myspace page, Joshua values words just as much as he does notes and chords, and it shows. This song will stir your thoughts, then soothe you to sleep with the promise in its title.

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